Down the slippery slope


Donald Trump’s last-ditch campaign manager, Steve Bannon, head of Breitbart News which has become a lounge for racists and neo-Nazis, finally got the job done. But even before Bannon, Trump had surrounded himself with Islamophobes, racists and white supremacists and he has continuously promised a Muslim Registry.

With Trump’s meeting yesterday with Peter King to discuss a Muslim surveillance program, it is now even clearer that the incoming administration intends to proceed down this slippery slope.

And who knows what’s next?

A few tech companies have said they’ll refuse to lend a willing hand on such a project, but some have not.

There is a petition to urge other tech companies to follow the lead of Twitter, Microsoft, and Facebook:

And if you don’t like the idea of Bannon in the White House, sign this one too:

Petitions may not accomplish much – and all it takes is for one tech company to build the registry. But it’s important to speak out against all the hate that is finding a home in the new administration.