Moving forward together


Last Fall I attended weekly political discussions which, sadly, ended after the election. Our group ran quite the gamut of political views, but despite a few moments of heat we were usually able to hear each other. Hats off to Ken Hartnett, emeritus editor at the Standard Times, for making such civility possible.

I don’t know if something of this sort already exists, but I’d like to know if anyone is interested in an independent political forum here in the SouthCoast (of Massachusetts). Something issues-based. Something welcoming to both mainstream and progressive Democrats and not intimately wedded to the local party machinery. Something with a reliable venue, a reasonable schedule, speakers, opportunities for discussion – in person and continued online.

I miss discussing politics with real people. More importantly, we have a lot to figure out together these next four years, especially as centrist and left-oriented Democrats kiss, make up, and move forward together.

A good example of this is out in Maricopa County, Arizona — home of [thankfully former] sheriff Joe Arpaio. There Democrats and Progressives are as rare as water and as endangered a species as the white-sided jackrabbit (I’m not making this up). But misery loves company and out in the desert both True Blue Democrats and Berniecrats are moving forward together. Their Blog for Arizona is always interesting and models nicely how we in the center and on the left could be working together.

Let me know what you think.