It’s gonna be a wild ride


A reminder that tomorrow, Jan. 19th at 4:30pm, there will be a demonstration at the Ash Street Jail in New Bedford to protest Sheriff Tom Hodgson's publicity-grabbing "plan" to use inmate slave labor to build Trump's Mexican Wall.

And of course the day after that the fun and games begin with our 45th president. Check out the GOP's 2017 Agenda if you wish to be comforted by at least knowing what the hell these maniacs have planned.

But the cabinet-level maniacs haven't yet been approved.

Lest there be any doubt that this election was indeed about white supremacy — after all, Republican voters rejected sixteen other fiscal and social conservative GOP candidates until they finally found one with a neo-Nazi constituency — the head of the Austrian Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache, well be in attendance at Trump's inauguration. The FPÖ was founded by real Nazis, not the copycats of the "Alt-Right."

Also in attendance will be Nigel Farage, of Britain's white supremacist UKIP party, representatives of Israel's settler movement, as well as televangelists Paula White, Wayne Jackson, and Franklin Graham.

*The Intercept *is reporting a troubling Trump connection between Betsy de Vos, Trump's choice for education chief, and her brother, Erik Prince, who founded the infamous Blackwater corporation.

The Trump administration is going to be a nightmare of billionaires, criminals, and conflict of interest.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party doesn't seem to be able to offer much of an alternative. In Florida, billionaire developer Stephen Bittel literally bought himself the chair of the state party. A think tank aligned with Hillary Clinton just launched a $20 million campaign to develop a centrist agenda for wooing back the "deplorables" who didn't vote for her in states where she never bothered to campaign.

And, finally, Republicans in North Dakota's House have outdone themselves by passing legislation that would legalize the vehicular homicide of protesters — such as those protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The next four years are gonna be a wild ride.