Disaster Movie


Following his inauguration – or, as Trump refers to it, the Day of National Patriotic Devotion – this week has been the unmitigated disaster many people predicted. Besides the Dear Leader’s autocratic decrees, lying to the White House press corps, his swamp-soaked cabinet picks, and his plans to seal the borders to our own Hermit Kingdom, now even some Republicans are concerned about Trump’s mental stability. It’s like something out of a Grade B disaster movie.

Only it’s real.

So If you feel you have to do something — start making calls to your elected officials. A new website called “The 65” (thesixtyfive.org) helps anyone overwhelmed by choice. The “65” refers to the sixty-five million of us who didn’t vote for this mess.

TheSixtyFive.org has a call script for each issue, and it helps you find the phone numbers for elected officials. The 65’s list of issues focuses on fighting the administration’s new iniatives and the Weekly Call to Action highlights one that’s especially time-critical. This week it’s stopping Betsy DeVos’s cabinet appointment.

If you receive email or Facebook requests to sign petitions, make a call instead. You can find your elected officials at the USA.gov website, and if you live in Massachusetts you’ll find your state senators and representatives at malegislature.gov. To spare yourself a bit of typing, you can download contacts in vCard format for all Federal and Massachusetts legislators (most email clients and Gmail use vCard). That way you’ll always have them on speed dial.

And pay attention to protecting your 10th Amendment (state) rights. If you live in Massachusetts, the Fundamental Freedoms Act and the Electronic Privacy Act both need sponsors to keep us safe(r) from the Trump administration. Call your Massachusetts legislator and do your best to mumble something like this:

Hi, my name is [NAME], and I live in [CITY]. I’m calling to ask my legislator to co-sponsor two important bills that are priority issues for me: the Fundamental Freedoms Act (HD1156/SD992), and the Electronic Privacy Act (HD2870/SD1175). Would [OFFICIAL] be willing to be a co-sponsor on either of these bills?

I just called my representatives and one called back in person, which I very much appreciate. I’m sure in a few weeks my mumbling will be greatly improved.