Keeping the engine running


Right now we’re seeing both the best and the worst in ourselves as Americans. There are plenty of haters and democracy-bashers out there, but there are far more people trying to do something constructive, say something positive, and move the country forward — not back a century. Across the nation many of our state, local, and federal representatives have risen to the challenges of the Post Trump world. Hats off to you.

But we are nearing the end of the cabinet confirmations, the federal courts will most likely eventually sanction immigration and travel bans, and the power Democrats in Congress currently have is limited. Petitions and phone calls have their limits as well. The fifty-state strategy for Liberals and Progressives will be to take back the states. Elections got us into this mess and elections will get us out of it.

But these are demoralizing times, and it’s easy to get burned out. The following pieces may help you keep going, or get you going.

David Brooks is hardly a favorite of mine, but he nails the “who we should be” in his essay:

Mirah Curzer offers suggestions on staying politically focused without burning out:

Twenty contemporary writers weigh in on resisting:

Emily Robbins recalls the bravery and resilience of Syrians living under Assad:

More bravery, this time from abolitionist Sojourner Truth, who put herself at great risk each time she spoke:

Finally, Kevin Lee writes about the importance of maintaining rhythm and balance: