Jump In


By now most of us have found plenty of organizations that need our help, our voices, and our money. We make our daily calls, our targeted calls, write our representatives, and even take to the streets on occasion. We help out candidates in swing states or those like Tom Brock, Jon Ossoff or Josh King in Red State districts that show promise.

Some of us belong to organizations like Our Revolution and Democracy for America, which raise money for, vet, and endorse candidates.

But most of these efforts take place hundreds of miles away from home.

If you are looking for activist groups you can jump into right here in SouthCoast MA, check out:

Indivisible Southeast Mass – a largely New Bedford based Indivisible affiliated group which meets at the NB Library on Pleasant Street

Marching Forward – a group of approximately 300 people in the Dartmouth area also affiliated with Indivisible who meet periodically at the Dartmouth Grange

If you are especially concerned about immigration issues:

Immigrants Assistance Center – New Bedford MA

And for a variety of economic and social justice issues my old friends:

Coalition for Social Justice – New Bedford & Fall River

You’ve got your choice. Now take the plunge.