Centrists still in charge

One theory was that last week’s election of a new DNC chairman was really a proxy race between the Clinton wing of the party and the Berniecrats. A majority of the delegates who elected the new chair were superdelegates in the 2016 primaries so it was not difficult to predict who would vote for Tom Perez based on who voted for Hillary Clinton.

The results have been tabulated, and centrists remain in charge of the party’s direction. A 57-state strategy is good. But continuing to cash checks from big donors, abandoning “identity politics,” and mouthing the words to faux populism is bad. The DNC needs a truly progressive platform. Perez’s plan to court millenials without a progressive message is simply not a winning strategy.

Click here for DNC Ballot #1 results
Click here for DNC Ballot #2 results

With the exception of Susan Thomson’s, the Massachusetts delegate votes were no surprise either. As predicted, it was business as usual:

Virginia Barnes (Ellison)
Gus Bickford (Perez)
Kate Donaghue (Perez)
Deb Goldberg (Perez)
Elaine Kamarck (Perez)
Debra Kozikowski (Perez)
David O’Brien (Perez)
Melvin Poindexter (Ellison)
James Roosevelt (Perez)
Susan Thomson (Perez)