Red for the Blue

I have suggested a couple of times that Liberals should keep up with the Conservative press. Ignore the Right wing and stay in a bubble at your peril.

But it’s not always easy because their assault on facts is near constant — and the line dividing mainstream Conservatives and Batpoop Crazy Wingnuts evaporates a little more each day. Still, like the SPAM and hoaxes in your Inbox — you’d better know what those people are up to!

For those who’ve tried, and failed, at reading Breitbart, the Federalist, WND, FOX and friends — forget the “Alt-Right” — one option may be the Red for the Blue newsletter. It’s basically the Reader’s Digest and a nuclear contamination response team all rolled into one. It saves you time, and it’s the RftB team whose blood pressure spikes to dangerous levels — not yours. Here’s how they describe their focus:

“Our newsletter reports and analyzes trending news from the political Right. From talk radio to social media to pop up news sites and self-made pundits, we do the work — you stay informed and engaged.”

[thanks to LR for this tip]