MA Budget Amendments

Our friends at Progressive Massachusetts are urging support for the following budget amendments:

Senator Mark Montigny <>

Dear Senator Montigny,

I am writing to support budget amendments that support a strong Commonwealth. While the following budget amendments make a big difference in the short term, it is important for the Commonwealth to raise more revenue in the long term, including taxing the wealthiest in our state.

Please support:

  • Amendment 16, which expands the earned income tax credit
  • Amendment 23, which increases badly needed revenue by eliminating a tax break for the mutual fund industry
  • Amendment 75, which puts the recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission into statute and pressures the Legislature into giving our schools the money they need
  • Amendment 286, which increases the state match for the Community Preservation Act, including affordable housing and open space protection
  • Amendment 389, which eliminates an outdated and punitive law that harms women with children who are receiving welfare assistance
  • Amendment 507, which supports women’s health by increasing funding for family planning
  • Amendments 641 and 645, which increase funding for housing vouchers and assistance for those experiencing homelessness
  • Amendment 790, which increases funding for environmental protection
  • Amendments 883, 896, and 906, which increase access to legal services and reentry services
  • Amendment 1025, which strengthen regional infrastructure

Please support these line items.

Thank you,