We did it

Senator Jamie Eldridge’s amendment #1147, which includes four key provisions to protect immigrant families and other minorities in our Commonwealth, was approved just now by a vote of 25-13, after a long and thoughtful debate. This is a huge victory, and a major show of support by the Senate leadership for members for our most vulnerable communities.

We need to thank them in a big way, celebrate this victory, and then start working on the House to make sure these provisions make it into the final Conference Committee budget and onto the governor’s desk. If you have social media accounts, please post enthusiastically! Or send an email to your Senator thanking them for supporting this amendment. Tell them how much it means to you that they did it, and how proud you are to have them as your Senator.

Next stop is the Conference Committee and the much more conservative House. Stay tuned for details on how we’ll be working to secure their support. This isn’t over yet, by a long shot — but take a moment to celebrate! We did good. We did really, really good.

How did your senator vote? Make sure to thank — but also feel free to register your unhappiness if s/he was one of the 7 Republicans and 6 Democrats who turned their backs on human decency.

Supporting the amendment

Voting against the amendment

** Democrats voting with Republicans